Our Vision

Every morning every person working at Dimension Engineering & Aluminum Works asks himself a question: Where do you see your company in the future? The answer is clear to everyone, the company has to provide the best for the customer in terms of providing everything new, focusing on high-quality materials, and providing various solutions to the customers and what suits their capabilities.

The company's future position

We have highly skilled fabrication team that works on fabrication all kinds of windows doors curtain marine systems furniture etc. Our team dedicatedly follows the principle of ensuring high standard service to customers.

Customer satisfaction, there is no doubt that there is a problem in terms of technical workers in all engineering fields in Egypt especially in the field of the aluminum and glass works in terms of the lack of techniques and the focus on what is required to be implemented accurately and honestly.

In case of any technical or professional mistake from the workers, we take the necessary action in order to deliver the things to the customer as per his request.

Company Activities

  • Various types of aluminum doors and windows

  • Glass facades

  • Frameless glass facades

  • Spider glazing facades

  • Various types of automatic doors (sliding or turn).

  • Aluminum claddings.